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Here’s Where it all Starts…

If you’re ready to learn Spanish in Melbourne, you’re a seasoned studier of Spanish, and you know what you want, you might want to advance to this part of the site. For those new to language learning or those who want to revise what it is that they want, please read on…

We’ve all heard of get-rich-quick schemes, fat loss programs and other fake things. Language learning can often be the same, that is, there are lots of one-dimensional as well as just plain gimmicky programs out there. Now, you will probably make some advances using these programs and gimmicks, but nothing lasts forever, and soon enough you’ll be scratching your head again. So what’s the answer?

There are definitely tried and tested ways of language learning that work, but they all involve a few things. Firstly, we need a systematic plan of attack. Forget one dimensional methods. Don’t look for ‘the listening method’ or ‘the reading method’, ‘the whatever method’ or anything along those lines. Look to cross-train with a holistic approach! We’ll do a combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises, with each category branching off into a number of sub categories.

The second thing that we need is your dedication! Our classes are aimed solely at the student who wants to dispense with all the gimmicks and get down to work. Let’s forget ‘Learn Spanish While you Sleep’ or ‘Learn Spanish in 30 Days’. There are no fluent speakers of Spanish as a second language who have learnt Spanish with this kind of approach. So why do people use these gimmicks? Well, we all want returns and rewards with the minimum of effort, right?

Where learning Spanish is concerned, there is no substitute for long-term, constant immersion in and frequent exposure to all the stimuli (reading, writing, speaking etc.) that is sure to take you to the level you ideally see yourself at in the future. We either accept the road in front of us, or we’ll forever be going around in circles looking for the next best quick fix. This more realistic approach places the student at the centre of the learning process, as opposed to any number of flashy, empty promise-ridden programs. Learning is something which comes from within the individual.

This doesn’t mean that learning Spanish is not supposed to be fun along the way! It’s heaps of fun! The dedicated team at our school in Melbourne is here to encourage you to learn, show you how you can teach yourself and grow as a student, as well as help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Do you want to read about our different courses and see where your goals fit in? We have courses to accommodate absolutely anybody’s needs.


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