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Language Swap: English/Spanish

Language Swap is a completely free common interest group which provides a meeting point in Melbourne for those interested in both Australian, as well as Spanish and Latin American cultures /customs to share and practise language and customs from different points on the planet.

The group aims to unite these cultures and customs of Latin America and Spain with those of Australia. The hope is that Spanish speakers can feel Australian and at home in Australia, and that Australians and Latin /Spanish Australians can learn more through events based on language practise and other activities.

Language Swap consists of a fixed fortnightly catch-up /language swap in a bar or restaurant, in addition to other events as varied as sporting matches to BBQs. Everyone is welcome!

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Language Swap and Students of Spanish

We hosted our first Language Swap meeting around five years ago, and ever since then it has been a free and open group, welcoming all members of the public. That still remains the case, but you as a student of Spanish at the Travelling Koala are particularly welcome, and getting together at the end of the week with classmates (and other people wanting to speak Spanish) is the perfect way to complement class time with extra activities which can help consolidate what you’ve learnt in the classroom. Alternatively, you can check out our official Travelling Koala Conversation Class which will be held at the school on Friday evenings.